The Spoke ‘n Word

May 2, 2012

Woody’s Wheel Works has been committed to Excellence since 1973, and we are excited to launch our Blog to inform readers of how that legacy is evolving. We have been very busy with: Launching a completely new Web Site; Expanding operations to meet demand for the Best Wheels with a 7500 sq. ft. facility; Creating promotional partnerships with some of the biggest names in the Motorcycle¬†Industry; Developing a Social Media campaign designed to develop the Community of Riders at Events, in Forums, and a monthly Newsletter and this Blog.

With our ongoing Blog and monthly Newsletter¬†we will bring you stories with an emphasis on the performance of wheels and riders’ experiences with them. Readers can not only expect to learn valuable information about optimal wheel performance, but also to form connections with fellow riders with our Woody’s Wheel Works Social Media campaign. This campaign is designed to allow you to tap into the large network of online communities discussing wheels. Our new website features user quotes and insights, links to user blogs and websites, links to our new Facebook and YouTube Channel, and links to the various forums we participate in and encourage.

We like to think of our campaign as the Hub which links users to information about wheels for anything from BMW to KTM, Dirt Bikes to Cruisers, New to Classics.


The Spoke ‘n Word

July 24, 2009

A blog about wheels, the wheelman, and more.

Hello world!

July 11, 2009

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